Jobs in Nowadays are hard to find, more especially if you don’t have any qualifications.
Its true to note that only those who studied hard have the nice and luxurious kinda living.

What about you and that one who doesn’t have any papers? it’s obvious that maybe the only paper you have is a birth certificate, under five clinic card or just an NRC.

Nowadays even in industries they only employ people with qualifications, at least the ones with experience. What about that grade 12 drop out? or the school leaver who just want to earn something a living? what are they going to do.


Surely you all know that you just have to follow your passion in order to achieve your goals, really?Well i say to you DON’T FOLLOW YOUR PASSION

Yes! Don’t follow your passion, I know there’s gonna be a lot of hate the comments I know there’s gonna be a ton of people hating on what I’m about to say but the truth is don’t follow your passion not until you….Click Here for more.

So If you are just a grade 12 or just a drop out, still wondering what you can do with your life, still wondering where you are going to find some sort income to sustain yourself, worry no more. 
Zambia’s Job portal bring you a platform where you can earn money so many different ways.People , there are so many ways you can earn money anywhere can earn money on your mobile phone, turn your phone into a money making machine



You can make money just by watching videos on peoples websites,
There are tons of websites out there who would pay you just watching their videos.
just make sure you have a strong Internet connection and also enough data.
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Reading is part of our daily lifestyle, how about you make money out of it. You can get paid a lot of money as long as you can read and speak, yeah that’s right you can get paid just by reading out loud a book
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Testing other people’s website and get paid for it is one of the simplest jobs.
You can get paid just by visiting peoples websites, for example if a particular company or just a person create a new website, the get to pay you huge sum of money just to test it, see where there are errors, gives reviews collect mistakes etc
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Most people don’t know that you can make money on facebook , that right you can make money with your facebook page with the videos and content that you post, if you are a facebook user and you are not making money from it, then i don’t know what the heck you are doing.
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YouTube partnership is another way you can make money on YouTube, you can even make money on YouTube even without posting anything
For more revenue you can still…
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Make your own blog today and make money from it.
blog creators earn money in so many ways.
so if you are creative enough, why waste your talent on something useful. Create your own blog today, customize your blog with….
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Viewing ads is the  simplest job anyone can do.
there are hundreds of websites that would pay you out there that would pay just to view ads all you need to do is have a b….
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Game players luck for you, get paid to play games online.
There are so many websites that would pay you to play games on there sites
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So there are tons and tons of ways
you can make money on your phone. So long you can breath and you have a sense of humour.


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